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The director of Shazam! has revealed the inspiration for the recently revealed costume, and responded to some questions about its appearance. Zachary Levi recently posted the first official image of the Shazam movie suit during the Licensing Show in Las Vegas, and needless to say it caused a flurry of activity across the board on social media. However throughout the production of the film, David F. Sandberg has always been vocal about the progress and decisions made, so he went online to directly answer some of the questions flying around.

Ever since Shazam! was announced as a project for the DCEU, fans have been eager to see how the superhero would be imagined. The style of the costume in comic books has varied a little over the years from his first appearance in Whiz Comics in 1940. While the iconic overall red/white color scheme has remained mostly unchanged, recent interpretations have enlarged the bolt on his chest and added a hood to a bigger cape. But while the post from Levi was the first official glimpse of the super-suit, leaked photos from location shoots have led some to criticize what they'd seen, which caused Levi to call out the critics online. But this latest glimpse of Shazam has given people a chance to view the costume at closer quarters, which some are comparing to the style of an Alex Ross illustration, or linking the material to the DCEU Man of Steel suit.

Sandberg himself has been busy on Twitter, and started to respond to posts as soon as Levi's photo hit the Internet, as he had previously promised he would

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